Help your supporters use their birthday to give back

People come to Facebook to send well-wishes and celebrate birthdays with friends. In fact, every day more than 45 million people give birthday wishes on Facebook, which is why it’s important to us to ensure that you can celebrate the way you want to.

So, we’ve created a birthday fundraising experience that we hope will make birthdays even more meaningful while people are celebrating on Facebook.

Giving back on a birthday

People often dedicate their birthday to support a cause, and we’ve seen people using Facebook to raise money for causes that they care about. For those in the US, we’ve made it easier to do this by giving people and public figure Pages the opportunity to create a fundraisers for their birthday directly on Facebook.

Two weeks before their birthday, people will see a message from Facebook in their News Feed giving them the option of creating a fundraiser for their birthday. They can create a fundraiser for any of the 750,000 US charities available for fundraising on Facebook. Make sure that your charity is eligible. Creator’s friends will receive a notification inviting them to support the cause in honour of their friend’s special day.

Ways in which your charity can take advantage of birthday fundraisers

1. Make sure your charity is eligible to fundraise for by signing up for Facebook’s Charitable Giving tools.

2. Once onboarded, let your supporters know that they can donate their birthday to your cause. You can use this link in promotional materials to send supporters directly to the birthday fundraiser setup:

3. Create a birthday fundraiser campaign – ask supporters with a birthday in a particular month to create a fundraiser for a specific, timely need. For example, if you are a food bank, ask supporters with birthdays in November to create a fundraiser for your festive food drive.