How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Blood Donations: Blood Donations Events

Once you’ve created a Facebook Page and your organization is approved to request blood, your organization can create a blood donation event. Blood donation events notify nearby blood donors to help increase attendance.

How To Create a Blood Donation Event:
  1. Using a desktop computer, click the Events tab in the left hand side bookmarks
  2. Click “Create an Event”
  3. Add the event title, date, time and a short description
  4. Set the location for your event
  5. Upload an event cover photo (Ideally 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger with little or no text)
  6. Click Publish
  7. After you create an event, Facebook will give you the option to turn it into a Blood Donation Event
  8. Confirm the location of your event. Use the map to indicate exactly where your event will take place
  9. Based on your location, Facebook will notify matching blood donors in the area