GivingTuesday on Facebook

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Brands: How to: Donate Button

There are a few ways to add a Donate button to your Page posts:

  • Create your post. Click the coin image. Select a nonprofit. Publish.
  • Create your post. Click Feeling/Activity. Scroll to click Supporting. Select a nonprofit. Publish.
    See FAQ for more.

Live Video Donate Button

  • Go live with your mobile phone
  • This approach is best suited for shorter videos or personal moments.
  • Use Facebook’s Live API. The Live API is best for larger events where you need more control over the experience. You’ll be able to bring in video from professional cameras, multi-camera setups and programmatic sources such as games or screencasts.

How to Go Live with Donate

Facebook for iOS

  • Tap Live at the top of the News Feed of your profile or verified Page
  • Tap “…”
  • Tap Add Donate Button
  • Select a nonprofit or fundraiser you created
  • Tap Go Live

Facebook for Android

  • Create a fundraiser
  • Tap Live at the top of your News Feed or timeline
  • Tap the coin image in bottom left-hand corner and then select your fundraiser
  • Tap Go Live