How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Connect with your Audience: Keep a calendar

As your posting strategy evolves, you may want to use a calendar to plan out your posts and stay organized. An editorial calendar can help if you have multiple people managing your posts. It can also keep track of relevant special events and holidays so you can post timely content. A posting calendar can also help you account for people at various levels of engagement with your organization, from people you’d like to reach for the first time to loyal supporters who take actions repeatedly. You may want to balance your posts to support audiences across the “supporter engagement funnel.”

Balance your content. The size of each level of the funnel reflects the number of people in your audience likely to be at that level, which may translate to the portion of posts you want to dedicate to each level of supporter.

Base your post planning on objectives. The objectives you outlined in your campaign strategy also inform how much time you focus on each level of supporter. If your main goal for using Facebook is to get people more deeply involved in your organization, you may choose to allocate more time to posts directed at people in the interested and engaged levels.