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Events: Create an Event

  1. Go to your Page, then click Offer, Event + or Event, Milestone+ at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  2. Select Event
  3. Add details about your event
  4. Click Create

You’ll be taken to your event where you can invite guests, upload photos, share posts and edit event details.

When creating your event, you can:

  1. Name your event. Give your event a short, clear name so people know what it’s about.
  2. Add your location. Use a location that corresponds to a Facebook Page or a Facebook-suggested location so that people in the area can learn about your event. If a Page can’t be created, use the full address. This way our system can link to directions for how to find the event and recommend it to people who live nearby.
  3. Choose co-hosts. Add co-hosts who are connected to the event. This helps expand the reach of your event and allows others to update details.
  4. Add a ticket link. If you’re selling tickets for your event, you can include a link to the ticket agent or site.
  5. Give details. Tell people why they should attend your event, how to find the venue and other important details like if a ticket is needed.
  6. Pick an event photo. Include a photo that represents your event. Keep in mind that people may see the photo in other places on Facebook, like News Feed, notifications and search. Photos should be 1920 x 1080 (16:9 ratio) or larger and include little or no text.

To learn more, visit our Events page.

Personal vs. Page event

There are two ways to create an event on Facebook: 1) from your personal profile and 2) from your nonprofit’s Page. If you create an event from your personal profile, you’ll have the ability to send invites directly to the inbox of your Friend’s on Facebook. With Page-created events, you can share your event publicly and ask people to personally invite their Friends using the event invite button.