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Events: How do I invite friends?

You can invite your supporters to your event directly on Facebook. Target your invites to those most interested in your events to increase your response rate. You can also alert your offline supporters via email or your website to RSVP to your events using the event URL.

If you’re a host of an event, you can invite your supporters to the event on Facebook. Event creators are automatically listed as hosts.

To invite people to an event that’s already been created:

  1. Go to the event
  2. Click Invite in the top right, below the photo
  3. Search for and select friends to invite and then click Send Invites

As an event host, you can choose different privacy settings for who can see, join or invite guests to your event. Here are a few ways to get supporters engaged:

  • Engage attendees with your event page. Share pictures, stories and updates on your event to keep people engaged. Before your event, it helps build awareness and get people interested. During the event, use it to give updates and attract last-minute attendees. After your event, you can thank attendees and invite people to future events.
  • Share your event to your Page. Share your event directly to your Page so your audience knows about it.
  • Get subscribers for your events. Share your upcoming events to your Page and let people know they can subscribe to them. This helps build a following for your events and notifies subscribers when you’ve created new events happening near them.
  • Manage your event calendar. You can add any event to your Page’s calendar (even if you aren’t hosting it) to let your audience know about it. If people have subscribed to your Page’s events, they’ll be notified after you add a event near them.
  • Reach people with ads. You can create ads to get more event responses or conversions to your website. Event creators often get better results when they:
    • Set up lookalike audiences in the ads creation tool to show ads to people similar to your Page’s audience.
    • Use a CPM bidding strategy to get more people to respond to an event and buy tickets.
    • Create a conversion pixel to see which ads worked well and measure performance.
  • Sell event tickets. You can create an ad specifically optimized to sell tickets to your event.
  • Tap into your attendees’ networks. Try to get more people to connect to your public event. When someone says they’re going to your event, it creates a story that may appear in News Feed so their friends and followers can see they’re going and join as well.