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Facebook Strategy: Target Audience

Who Do You Want to Reach?

Look at the goals you’ve set for your organization and think about the ways in which people can help you achieve them. How do your programs fulfill a need or solve a problem that a potential supporter would care about? Broadly think about who might be interested and who may benefit from being involved with your organization. Figuring out the value you bring to a community is the first step in identifying your ideal target audience. When choosing your target audience, consider demographic and interest characteristics:

  • Demographic: This may include age, gender, location, ethnic background, marital status, income and more.
  • Interest: This identifies more about potential supporters’ hobbies, behaviors, connections, lifestyle and more.

TIP: To help you pick the characteristics to target with your posts (for both paid and unpaid posts), we recommend using the Audience Insights tool to choose the characteristics you want to target and see how many people fit that criteria. This can show you if you should narrow or broaden your audience criteria, as well as identify the top Page likes and typical activity of a potential target audience. Note that the Audience Insights tool is currently available on desktop only.