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Facebook Strategy: What is?

A Facebook Page strategy is the set of activities you organize to achieve a specific goal. It can be short and specific, or long term with a series of campaigns and objectives.

Elements of a Strategy
  • Mission: The overall impact your nonprofit is trying to make.
  • Goals: What you want to achieve through your Page to support your mission.
  • Target Audience: The types of people you aim to reach with this campaign.
  • Content: The stories and visuals you’ll use to engage people.
  • Measurement: The metrics you’ll track to determine your campaign’s success.

It’s great if you already have an outline for how your program activities map to your mission statement. If you don’t, you’ll want to create a basic outline that shows how your organization creates impact. An outline for building a Facebook strategy helps you:

  • Make sure your Facebook activity contributes to the impact you want to make
  • Clearly communicate to people what you need from them and why
  • Create compelling calls to action

Your campaign should relate to your overall mission. What needs to be done to support or enhance that mission? How could a campaign on Facebook help achieve your program’s objectives? Starting with a list of ideas will help you choose a campaign goal or goals that are best suited for Facebook.

TIP: Try to set narrow goals that are measurable. For example, if your mission is to decrease the number of children that suffer from malnutrition, try to break down the goal into smaller goals like: educate more parents about good nutritional practices, grow your email list to distribute information, or gather petition signatures to support a new piece of legislation.