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Impact starts with you.

Fundraising is for everyone. We all have a cause we care about, and supporting for what we believe in is what unites us. This year on Giving Tuesday, people came together on Facebook to raise over $125 million to support the causes they care about.

Start a Fundraiser

What better reason to come together than to fight for a common cause? Fundraisers let you raise money on Facebook for the causes you care about. You can set up a dedicated page to share your story, tell others why you care, and unite around a fundraising goal.

How to create a Fundraiser & Best Practices

Pledge to match

We believe that matching shows we mean it, and motivates more people to give. So we’re making it easier for you to get more people behind your cause, too. You can now encourage giving to a Fundraiser you’ve created by pledging to match donations—pledge to match any amount that fits your budget between $5 and $2500.

How to Pledge a Match |  Help Center

  • Must be the Fundraiser creator to match
  • Donations can only be matched for nonprofit Fundraisers
  • Limited to eligible Fundraisers in the US
Make a one-time Donation

The end of the year is an important fundraising season for many nonprofits. Consider making a quick donation to a nonprofit by visiting their Facebook Page and tapping the donate button.

How to Update your Payment Information

Give a recurring monthly gift

Facebook’s Charitable Giving tools now allow you to make your donation a monthly, recurring gift. Your payment on file will be billed monthly at any amount you choose.

Help Center

  • Limited to eligible nonprofit Fundraisers
Remind your Friends about Giving Tuesday

Whether or not you have the ability to fundraise or donate yourself, you can inspire others to give. Remind your friends about Giving Tuesday and share some causes that you care about to inspire generosity from others.