How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


How it works

*Choose a program type. *Group admins choose a mentorship program type, and create a description.
Share the program. The admins share the program so people can sign up.
People sign up and get matched. A mentor & mentee are matched by the community admin after each signs up to participate.
*Pairs are introduced. *Pairs meet each other. Each pair gets placed in their secret mentorship group where they meet each other.
Mentors and mentees get step-by-step guidance. The pairs progress through a guided program chosen by the admin and check in weekly; they can communicate in the group, via Messenger or video

As a leader for your community, you know best what makes sense for your group. Some places we’ve seen this be successful so far:

  • Family – Parenting groups are pairing more experienced mentors with mentees who need help adjusting to parenthood and dealing with parenting challenges.
  • Career – Alumni Networks pairing new grads with those established in their career for advice on how to navigate the working world.
  • Hobbies – Mentees eager to learn a new craft or refine their skills are learning from mentors with more experience or different skillsets.
  • Wellness – Novice runners gearing up for their first race get paired with runners who have crossed the finish line before.