How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


How-to: Make a recurring donation

You can make a recurring donation on the Page of the nonprofit that you’d like to donate to. Once there:

  1. Click or tap Donate.
  2. Under the Donation Frequency section, select Monthly Donation.
  3. Click or tap Donate. The amount you’re donating will appear on the right side of the button.

Note that:

  • Once you click Donate, your first donation will be processed immediately. You’ll then receive an email confirmation that provides the details of your donation and when to expect to make future payments.
  • Recurring donations will be processed on the same date every month for the amount you choose in the initial payments screen. Note that there may be exceptions in certain months, like February.
  • Recurring donations are only available for nonprofit fundraisers.

 *Recurring donations is only currently available across US on-boarded and DAF organizations