How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Live Donate BP: Before

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • If possible use a tripod and microphone. This will help make sure your broadcast has good quality audio and video. 
  • Prep your content to educate and inspire. Tell the story of your organization and why this cause matters.
  • Reveal a special experience. Go behind the scenes at your organization or an event, create a carousel of special guests, encourage viewers that stay tuned, or reveal something new to your audience.
  • Tap into influencers. If it’s not possible to have an influencer or public figure on camera then see if they will join the chat to encourage people. 
  • Share and schedule your Live video. Ask others to share your Live video to help you drum up momentum, and be sure to build up your video before release to increase awareness and potential viewers. All verified Pages on Facebook can activate a Scheduled Live. Activating a Scheduled Live on Facebook notifies your audience that the verified Page plans to go Live on Facebook on a certain date, allowing supporters to subscribe to receive a notification on their Facebook app when the organization ultimately goes Live. Activating a Scheduled Live prior to your Live with Donate post can help you build anticipation for your Live video, and supporters can start donating even before the Live video begins.