How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Live Donate BP: During

  • Interact with your audience. Encourage people to contribute, comment, and share your Live video. Involve viewers by thanking them, and acknowledge them by name.
  • Go live for a while. The longer you’re live, the higher the potential engagement, and opportunity for donations. A live video can last up to 8 hours. 
  • Offer a match. Announce to your supporters when you reach a funding goal, ask them to vote with their dollars, and encourage matching opportunities.
  • Call out the location of the Donate button. This is a new experience for the viewer, and it’s important to explicitly call out the location of the Donate button during the Live video, so they don’t miss it. For example, “You can support by clicking the Donate button in the right-hand corner in this Live video!
  • Maximize online and offline activations. Involve a virtual community of donors with in-person events. If you are broadcasting live on Facebook at an event that’s accessible to your supporters, encourage them to show up in person and bring their friends.
  • Present a strong call-to-action. Giving people a milestone to work toward can help rally the crowd behind a common monetary goal.