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Manage My Group: Manage an Engaging Group

When managing a group, post content that’s specific to members and the purpose of the group. Here are a few tips to help keep your group engaged:

Posting: It’s best to lead by example, so make sure you’re posting and commenting in your group and encouraging your members to as well.

  • Share multimedia posts (ex: photos and videos) which get more engagement.
  • Create a schedule so admins will be available to manage the group.
  • Create contests or discussion prompts to engage people in the group (ex: a pre-game “Post your best game face!”).
  • Reply to posts and comments promptly. This helps reward people for engaging in your group.

Moderation Tips: Group moderation helps members feel safe while interacting and keeps conversations on track. Here are a few tips to help everyone have a good experience:

  • By default, every post you make in a group creates notifications for all members. Make sure that you’re posting interesting content to keep members active in the group, or turn off notifications for your group.
  • If you’re running a feedback group that you want to keep small or if you have certain criteria for members, make sure your member settings require membership approval. Find this setting by going to Group Info and then Edit Group Settings.
  • If you’re running a larger discussion group, this can help keep spammers or unwanted members out of the group.
  • Be careful about adding too many admins to the group. Having too many admins may be difficult to manage, especially if they’re not employees.
  • Limit the size of the group and avoid using unauthorized lists to grow your membership. Smaller groups tend to get more engagement with more members posting, while larger groups are good for topical discussion and sharing news and updates.