How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Mentorship: BP: Match Mentors and Mentees

Create matching questions for mentors/mentees

  • Think about how will you match needs & strengths
  • Think about shared experiences that will help people connect

Set up mentor & mentee matching questions & expectations

  • Make sure questions will help you pick pairs that work
  • Make sure folks understand what they’re signing up for

Share with your group

  • Post directly in the group and consider adding it to the pinned post
  • Promote your program not as a one time thing, but instead as an ongoing offering. You may want to post once a month to get new members to sign up.
  • Rally mentors with specific skills or experiences that would help mentee applicants. You may want to reach out to them directly through Messenger.

Get people excited!

  • Make your posts personal
  • Speak in language that resonates with your group (mentorship, support, coaches, buddies)

Get notified about signups

  • You’ll receive notifications once people have signed up

Select mentor/mentee pairs

  • Match mentees with mentors based on your selection questions
  • Once you select a group the pair gets introduced