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News: Mother’s Day: 5.Best Practices

Build momentum in advance

Giving supporters advance notice about your Mother’s Day fundraising goals and activities is a great way to engage them in the process. They’ll help you spread the word! Consider adding a Donate button to your posts if fundraising is your primary objective.

Share stories that inspire

Is there an example of how somebody’s loveable mother has benefited from your nonprofit’s work? Now’s the time to share it. Creativity is always encouraged. The story could take the form of a poem, letters, or a song. Better still, consider using Facebook Live to create a memorable storytelling event.

Encourage people to act

Asking supporters to submit posts that celebrate their mom is a surefire way to motivate engagement. You could even challenge your supporters to host a fundraiser in honor of their mom.

Promote Mother’s Day gifts

Mom’s are easy to love, but they’re not always easy to shop for. You can make it easy by posting a list of “Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts” to your Facebook page or website.

Leverage your influencers

Maybe you know a community member or public figure who is a mother or who has a mom with an inspiring story to tell. Invite them to share their story on Facebook Live. If they are willing, ask them to make a donation to your fundraiser and share that to their own Page, explaining why they donated.

Create visual posts your supporters can share

A picture is worth a thousand words. It can also be a powerful way to engage supporters. If you have a designer, consider creating a visual that pays tribute to Mom’s special day. Encourage your followers to “borrow” it for their own use.

Create and share a Mother’s Day profile frame

Profile frames are a fun new way for Facebook users to express themselves. They can also give your Mother’s Day campaign an extra visual boost.