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News: Mother’s Day: 1.Create a Fundraiser

Verified nonprofit Pages can now create a fundraiser from their Page. Set a goal and a deadline for your fundraiser. Supporters can donate directly on Facebook in a few clicks. NOTE: Page Fundraiser creation is currently available on desktop to verified Pages using Facebook’s Charitable Giving tools. Business admins of a Page can only create a Fundraiser through Business Manager.

How to create a fundraiser:
  1. Visit
  2. Click the Raise Money button.
  3. Select the nonprofit you want the fundraiser to benefit when asked “Who are you raising money for?
  4. Who is organizing the fundraiser?” click the dropdown menu. The person creating the fundraiser will see their personal profile, along with any other Pages they Admin that are eligible for creating fundraisers. Select the nonprofit Page you wish to create a Fundraiser for.
  5. Add a fundraising goal and deadline, and hit Next.
  6. Fill in the title and description of your fundraiser, and hit Next.
  7. Last step: pick a cover photo. Then hit Create, and your fundraiser will be live to the public.