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News: NP Fundraiser: Fundraising Tips

Launching your fundraiser
  • Use a cover photo that illustrates the purpose of your cause. The cover photo is the largest asset that will be displayed on your fundraiser, so ensure that it catches people’s attention right away.
  • Descriptions should explain what the cause is, why people care about it and specifically what these donations will help to accomplish.
  • Include the link to your fundraiser in any newsletters or email lists you may have.
During Your Fundraiser
  • Reveal “milestones,” that connect your fundraising to impact created.
  • Encourage sharing of your fundraiser.
  • Offer to match donations.
  • “Like” and comment on supporters’ donations as they come in.
  • Say thanks! Mid-way through reaching the goal, post on the Fundraiser to thank everyone who has donated.
Ending Your Fundraiser
  • Once the goal is reached, post again on the Fundraiser page to thank donors for their generous support.
  • Involve your audience. Interact with fans on your fundraising page. (Ex. Giving updates on fundraising progress or going Live within the Fundraiser to talk to your fans about the cause.)