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News: Pledge a Donation Match: How to

How to Steps
Step 1:

On a desktop,create a Fundraiser for a nonprofit from your organization’s Facebook Page

Step 2:

Once your organization’s fundraiser is created, click the … More button on your fundraiser and click Match Donations.


– The creator of the donation match must be a Page admin of the organization’s Facebook Page.
– The Page Admin that creates the donation match “owns” the match, meaning that only this person is permitted to edit/confirm/delete the match.
– View all your Page fundraisers by clicking the Fundraisers Tab in the left hand menu on your organization’s Page.

Step 3:

Click Choose Pledge Amount

Step 4:

Select the dollar amount that your organization wishes to pledge using the provided amount options or click Other to enter your specific match amount. Enter your payment source and click Schedule Payment to confirm your pledge amount.

  • You may use a credit card or PayPal as the payment source.
  • If using a corporate card, the corporate card must list the name of the page admin that is pledging the match.
Step 5:

You’re all set! Click Done to exit this screen.

Step 6:

Now that your match amount is set, your match amount will be publicly displayed on your fundraiser page to inform potential supporters about your organization’s pledge to match donations.

  • After someone donates to a fundraiser that has pledge to match donations, their receipt will show how much of their donation counted towards the matching amount.
  • Once the matching donation is fulfilled, you can see the donation on the fundraiser page.