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News: Right People: Why Choose a Specific Audience

Your audience is the group of people you aim to reach with your message: supporters, beneficiaries, new donors, or others. Identifying the characteristics and interests of this group can increase your effectiveness in communicating on Facebook in the following ways:

Prioritization and focus

Tailoring your message to a specific audience and prioritizing them helps you focus the content of your posts. This optimize your time and resources to reach people supporting your organization in the ways that you need.

Increase relevance

The more focused your posts are, the more likely your audience will notice and engage with them.

Learn more about your base

If you’re focused about who you are trying to reach and you monitor your post and audience insights, you will be more in tune with the type of people who are receptive to your message. This can help inform your approach to nurturing and growing your support base.

Expand reachSince News Feed takes into account how engaging your Page posts are when determining how widely your posts are seen (among many other signals), knowing your audience and creating relevant, engaging content for them is a significant factor in reaching more people who care about your cause.