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PayPal Giving Fund: Australia

As part of our effort to expand our charitable giving tools globally, we are excited to announce our partnership with PayPal Giving Fund Australia. This partnership will enable thousands of charities in PayPal Giving Fund Australia database to access fundraising tools on Facebook for the first time and benefit from funds raised.


Charities on Facebook receive 100% of the money donated to benefit them. 


When people create a fundraiser to benefit a charity or add a Donate button to a post, they select the charity they want to support from a list of eligible charities who they wish to support. That list will now include charities based in the UK, Australia, and Canada that are in the PayPal Giving Fund directory. PayPal Giving Fund is available across the UK, Canada and Australia. Please contact PayPal Giving Fund for more details on how to enrol on the PayPal Giving Fund. Soon, we’ll be rolling this out to people in any of the countries where Facebook fundraising is available.


  • Charities that are enrolled with  PayPal Giving Fund are paid out monthly by PayPal Giving Fund. Learn more about PayPal Giving Fund enrolment.
  • Charities not enrolled with  PayPal Giving Fund will be paid via cheque and typically within 90 days.
  • PayPal Giving Fund enrolment status of a charity will influence the method and speed with which funds are distributed.


Q: Is there a list of charities that are going to be added through this partnership with PayPal Giving Fund?

To find charities that can receive funds from PayPal Giving Fund, visit

Q: When will charities receiving funds via PayPal Giving Fund receive donations?

Charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund will receive a single payment into their Paypal account. Unenrolled charities will receive funds via cheque and typically within 90 days for more information, visit here .

Q: How do I view payment transaction reports for money raised to benefit my charity by PayPal Giving Fund on Facebook?

Enrolled charities receiving funds into their Paypal account  from PayPal Giving Fund can track the payments by logging in to the PayPal Giving Fund dashboard using their charities PayPal account. Charities receiving cheques will first need to enrol on the PayPal Giving Fund to access their dashboard and reports. Transaction-level information is not yet available.

Q: How do I opt out of raising money on Facebook with PayPal Giving Fund?

Charities benefitting from Facebook donations made to PayPal Giving Fund can request to have their profiles removed from the PayPal Giving Fund database. To do so, please send a request to PayPal Giving Fund directly. Note that PayPal Giving Fund will continue to pay out donations it has already received to benefit your charity, unless you request them not to. Once the request has been submitted, the charity can expect to be removed from Facebook’s fundraising platform.

Q: Will I receive a receipt?

Facebook will email you a donation receipt for each donation you make.

Q: Can I request a refund for my donation?

Donations to PayPal Giving Fund are not typically refundable. For more information, see our Donation Refund Policy.

Q: What Charitable Giving features/products are not currently available to PayPal Giving Fund charities?

Create a nonprofit fundraiser, Donate Button in page header, Fundraisers tab, Donation Matching, Recurring Donations, and Fundraiser API are not available to PayPal Giving Fund charities at this time.