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PF: BP: Tips for Public Figures

In 2018 we’ve already seen some very successful Page Fundraisers by Public Figures looking to use their influence and audience on Facebook to support the causes they care about. Here are a few of the latest learnings to emerge from some of our most successful Public Figure Fundraiser campaigns that reached their goals organically without paid ads.

Socializing leads to more donations

Fundraiser creators that have conversations with their fans on their fundraising Page and posts tend to raise more money. To inspire a sense of community and build connections with your fans, post in your fundraiser to get the conversation going. We saw that top Public Figure Fundraisers posted an average of 4 times during their fundraiser and their supporters wrote an average of 25 posts.

Use inclusive words of encouragement

We’ve seen that words like, “we” “together” and “us” work better than “I” and “my” when encouraging fans to donate. Try to use words that make your fans feel like they are joining in on a team effort so that they feel like they are a part of a community.

Ask fans to share your fundraiser

Sharing is strongly correlated with dollars raised. Most shares are done by non-donors, but their shares are making a difference! Ask fans who cannot donate if they can share the fundraiser instead.

Show your connection

Use a fundraiser cover photo and image posts as an opportunity to share a visual of your support to the cause. Fans tend to respond to causes that they can see Public Figures really care about, and a visual is a great way to supplement the written story you tell about your affinity for the cause.

Share your Story

Share your personal connection to the cause in the fundraiser story section. Fans tend to engage with Fundraisers that they can tell people have an authentic connection with. Share how you became involved with this cause and why you care.