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PF: How to: Pledge a Match

Show that you mean it by matching.

As a Fundraiser Organizer, you can now emphasize your commitment to your cause of choice by pledging to match any amount that fits your budget—whether it is $5, $100, $2,500, or more.

How to Pledge a Matching donation

  1. Once your fundraiser is created, click the … More button on your fundraiser and click Match Donations
  2. Click Choose Pledge Amount, and select the dollar amount that you’d like to pledge using the provided amount options, or click Other to enter your specific match amount, and click Done
  3. Enter your payment source and click Schedule Payment to confirm your pledge amount
    – You may use a credit card or PayPal as the payment source
    – If using a corporate card, the corporate card must list the name of the page admin who is pledging the match
  4. You’re all set—click Done to exit this screen

Now that your match amount is set, the amount will be publicly displayed on your fundraiser page to inform fans and potential supporters about your pledge to match donations

  • After someone donates to a fundraiser that has a match pledge, their receipt will show how much of their donation counted toward the matching amount
  • Once the matching donation is fulfilled, you can see the donation on the fundraiser page

Match payment

If your pledge is met, you can have your credit card charged at the time that your pledge is met, or have it automatically be charged within 24 hours of your fundraiser’s end date

  • If donations to your fundraiser exceed your pledge amount, you are only responsible for the amount that you pledged—for example, if you pledged $100 and raised $200, you’re only charged $100
  • If the amount you raise is LESS than your pledge, then you only have to match the amount that you raised—for example, if you pledged $100, but only raised $80, you’re only charged $80)