How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


PF:Best Practices: Fundraiser

Launching Your Fundraiser:

  • Personalize the Fundraiser as much as possible. Include the Public Figure’s name and age in the title (ex. “Malala’s 21st Birthday Fundraiser”) and share authentic photos/videos to your Fundraising page.
  • Descriptions should be written in the first-person and explain what the cause is, why you care about it and what these donations will help to accomplish.
  • Start with a modest goal ($5 – $10) then move the goal up incrementally as it reaches each milestone
  • Include the link to your fundraiser in any newsletters or email lists you may have.
During Your Fundraiser:
  • Incentivize giving. Reveal “milestones,” and encourage sharing
  • “Like” and comment on fans’ donations as they come in.
  • Share the donation link from Instagram Stories (Swipe Up), in your Instagram bio and on Twitter.
  • Say thanks! Mid-way through reaching the goal, post on the Fundraiser to thank everyone who has donated.
Ending Your Fundraiser:
  • Once the goal is reached, post again on the Fundraiser page to thank donors for their generous support.
  • Involve your audience. Interact with fans on your fundraising page. (Ex. Giving updates on fundraising progress or going Live within the Fundraiser to talk to your fans about the cause.)