How nonprofits can respond to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Raise Awareness: Find your Voice

Facebook is a place where people connect with friends and communicate in a personal, casual way. Organizations tend to succeed when they also use a conversational, authentic style. Overly formal language can feel out of place. When writing a message, whether it’s funny or serious, think about how you’d write it to a friend. Posts that evoke emotion often stand out in News Feed. Inspiring, solutions-oriented messages are often the most engaging. Placing blame or otherwise alienating others can be offensive and typically doesn’t lead to high engagement.

TIP: Aim for clear, compelling, brief headlines when posting a link. People prefer headlines that help them decide whether to read the full article, rather than click bait or long summaries.

TIP: Voice and style guidelines can help Page admins stay consistent when writing posts. This is especially useful if multiple people actively post from your organization’s Page. Refine the guidelines based on what you see resonating with followers.