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Blood Donations: Ways to Use Blood Donations

Host an On-Site Blood Drive
  • Host blood drives: to encourage walk-in voluntary blood donations at your blood bank or other donation sites.
  • Special occasions: are a great opportunity to host blood donation camps.
  • Each day: is an opportunity to encourage voluntary blood donation.
  • Remember: No need to specify a particular blood type or host a large event.
Restocking Low Blood Types

Running low on a particular blood type?

  • Notify: Facebook can notify nearby donors with your request for specific blood or platelet type.
  • Share: Sharing the need on Facebook helps donors know they can make an impact, even if not for a specific individual or cause
Supporting Individuals
  • Emergency Request: For individuals in urgent need, Facebook Blood Donations can help you reach out to nearby donors.
  • Request Blood Donors: Using Facebook Blood Donations can help contribute to a sustainable supply of blood so that blood banks can provide blood to those who need it.

* Currently Not available in Brazil