Giving Season 2019

Giving Season 2019

Your Guide to Giving Season on Facebook

Every year during the giving season, people come together on Facebook to champion the causes they believe in by sharing stories, donating and fundraising. Since 2015 people and organizations like yours have raised over $2B to become a driving force for social good.

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Action Plan

Build You fundraising content. Design graphics, photos, video to tell your campaign story.

Action Items

Seed content to your supporters that shows your org’s impact. Prime people to support your Giving Tuesday Campaign.

Action Items

Use Giving Tuesday on Dec 3rd to kick off your giving season fundraising campaign.

Action Items


Facebook Training

Watch our new training series for in-depth tutorials on how to
get the most out of Facebook this giving season.

Episode 1:
Fundraising on Facebook

How to amplify your fundraising efforts using Facebook (35 min).

Episode 2:
Facebook Content Strategy

Details about how to make content that engages supporters (35 min).

Episode 3:
Ads Basics for Nonprofits

Details to get started using Facebook ads for your nonprofit (38 min).

Fundraising Resources

Guides and resources to help you fundraise on Facebook.

Best Practices

Tips to help you fundraise on at each phase of your campaign.

Before launching your campaign:
  • Add Meaning – Develop your fundraising campaign theme and brand. This should show people why they care about your cause and specifically what these donations will help to accomplish. 
  • Find a matching partner – Go out to corporate or large donors to ask that they support your effort by pledging a matching gift. You can use the matching tool on facebook fundraisers or 
  • Engage influencers – find supporters that have a large following and may be interested in helping promote your fundraising efforts.
During your fundraising campaign:
  • Incentivize giving – Reveal “milestones” that donations will fund. Promote matching donations using the fundraiser matching feature. 
  • Update Goal – Start with a modest goal ($5-10k) then move the goal up incrementally as it reaches each milestone. 
  • Encourage sharing – Remind people that if they cannot donate or already have donated, sharing is another way to help.
  • Engage -“Like” and comment on supporters’ donations as they come in. 
  • Say thanks– Mid-way through reaching the goal, post on the Fundraiser to thank everyone who has donated.
After you campaign:
  • Celebrate – Once the goal is reached, thank donors for their generous support. Remind them why they care and what impact was funded. 
  • Involve your audience – Interact with supporters on your fundraising page. (Ex. Giving updates on fundraising progress or going Live within the Fundraiser to talk to your supporters about the cause.

Fundraising Tools

There are no fees on donations made through Facebook.
Nonprofits using Facebook’s payment platform to process donations pay no fee – 100% of the donations made through Facebook Payments go to the charity.

  • Nonprofit Page Fundraisers

    Now all verified nonprofit pages can create or donate to a Fundraiser from their Facebook Page. Set up a dedicated fundraising page and unite around a fundraising goal.

  • Donate Button on Page or Posts
  • Live Video with Donate Button

    Nonprofits and supporters can add a donate button to their Live videos on Facebook. Raise awareness about a cause, connect instantly with people, and raise money in real-time.

  • Fundraiser Thank You

    Nonprofit Page Admins can now easily post thank you messages to supporters raising money on their behalf

  • Updated Reporting

    Nonprofits can now select a range of dates and have daily transaction reports emailed in one spreadsheet instead of downloading multiple CSVs.

  • Supporter Fundraisers

    Fundraisers let supporters raise money for nonprofits on Facebook. Supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about a cause, and amplify their impact by getting more people involved.

  • Brand and Public Figure Page Fundraisers

    Brands and Public Figures can now create a nonprofit fundraiser from their Page.

  • Recurring Donations

    Donors can now choose to make either a one-time or a recurring monthly donation. Set up a dedicated fundraising page and bring people together around a fundraising goal. 

  • Fundraiser Matching

    Now, anyone, individuals and organizations can rally more supporters to show passion for their cause by pledging to match donations to a fundraiser they’ve created.