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Those who need help can find help.

Our health tools are designed to help identify health emergencies, provide resources and alert providers so people can quickly get the help they need.

Blood Donations

  • Ways to Use Blood Donation Tools

    From hosting an on-site blood drive, restocking low blood types, to supporting individuals, Facebook Blood Donations can help you encourage volunteer donations and notify and reach nearby donors who are ready to donate.

  • Blood Donation Events

    Signing up to help save lives. Blood donation events give organizations the ability to create events that automatically notify nearby Facebook blood donors.

  • Blood Donation Requests

    Those who need help can find those offering help. To make it easier for blood banks and hospitals to maintain blood supply, they now have the ability to create requests for blood on their Facebook Page, helping them reach nearby donors on Facebook.

Suicide Prevention

  • Reporting and Resources

    We have teams working around the world, 24/7, who review reports that come in and prioritize the most serious reports like suicide. We can offer people who have expressed suicidal and self harm thoughts with a number of support options.

  • AI Helps Suicide Prevention

    Last year, we began to use machine learning to expand our ability to get timely help to people in need. This tool uses signals to identify posts that may suggest when someone might be at risk, such as phrases in posts and concerned comments from friends and family.

“When I posted on Facebook, I wasn’t expecting the huge number of replies I got from my friends. I read every single one, and I took each one to heart. Each comment helped a lot… some people said things I wanted to hear, others said things I needed to hear, but they all helped.”

– Sheila S.

Eligibility & Usage

Currently the Blood Donations tool is only available on desktop to whitelisted partners in India and Brazil. Your Page must be approved to be be able to request blood donations. If your Page has not yet been approved, please submit an interest form.