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Blood Donations

Blood Donations

Helping More People Get the Blood They Need.

Facebook’s blood donation features let people sign up to get notified when blood banks need help. Your organization can sign up to create requests and events that reach more nearby blood donors.

Over 35 million* people have already signed up to be blood donors on Facebook.

*Source: Facebook, Jan 2019, Number of donors signed up for Facebook Blood Donations.

How This Feature Helps Blood Banks

In many countries, there aren’t enough blood donors to help those in need. People and blood banks often turn to Facebook when they need blood donors. Our research suggests that if people had better information and tools, more people would donate blood more regularly. We built Blood Donations on Facebook because we hope to increase the number of blood donors by making it easier to connect with blood donors.

How It Works

People sign up to be blood donors

Organizations create blood donation requests or events

Facebook notifies nearby donors

Donors go to blood banks and events and give blood

How to Reach Donors

Request Specific Blood Types

Running low on a particular blood type?

Request: Facebook can notify nearby donors about your request for specific blood types or platelets.

Share: Sharing the need on Facebook helps donors know they can make an impact, even if not for a specific individual or cause

Create Blood Donation Events

Blood drives are a great way to encourage walk-in voluntary blood donations at your blood bank or another donation site.

Remember, there’s no need to specify a particular blood type for an event or host a large event.

Supporting Individuals*

In some countries, individuals in urgent need can use Facebook Blood Donations to help reach nearby donors.

In countries where the need is great, blood banks can use Blood Donations on Facebook to help contribute to a sustainable supply of blood so that blood banks can provide blood to those who need it.

* Currently not available in Brazil or the United States

Once you’ve created a Facebook Page and your organization is approved to request blood, your organization can create a blood donation event. Blood donation events notify nearby blood donors to help increase attendance.

How To Create a Blood Donation Event:
  1. Using a desktop computer, click the Events tab in the left hand side bookmarks
  2. Click “Create an Event”
  3. Add the event title, date, time and a short description
  4. Set the location for your event
  5. Upload an event cover photo (Ideally 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger with little or no text)
  6. Click Publish
  7. After you create an event, Facebook will give you the option to turn it into a Blood Donation Event
  8. Confirm the location of your event. Use the map to indicate exactly where your event will take place
  9. Based on your location, Facebook will notify matching blood donors in the area
Reach More Donors

Nonprofits, health organizations and blood banks can use the Blood Donations feature to reach more people who have signed up to be donors on Facebook.

To use this feature:

  1. Ensure that your organization has a Facebook page and that you’re an admin of the Page.
  2. Submit an interest form to start the sign-up process for your organization. A Facebook representative will call you.
  3. Set up your event from your verified Facebook Page at least 2 weeks in advance.
    • The event must be held at a location with medical staff onsite (e.g., hospital, blood bank).
    • Include a photo or description
  4. For registered organizations, Facebook will amplify your event with notifications to nearby donors.

Best Practices

  • Create your event on Facebook at least 2 weeks before the date of the event so you can promote it and Facebook can notify nearby donors.
  • Tell the community why it’s important to donate.
  • Include any helpful directions and photos.
  • Respond to people interested in your event.
  • Promote your event to reach more people.
  • Encourage attendees to sign up as donors on Facebook by including in promotions.
  • Share the results on the event page after it is complete to let people know the impact that was made.
  • Your Page must be approved for blood donation events. If your Page has not yet been approved, please submit an interest form here.

Sign Up for Blood Donation on Facebook

Facebook makes it easier for blood banks and hospitals to maintain a stable blood supply and connect to donors. Whether it is hosting onsite blood drives, restocking low blood types or supporting individuals, Facebook makes it easier to reach blood donors.

Sign Up More Blood Donors on Facebook

Use the below copy in your promotional material to invite your new and existing donors to sign up as donors on Facebook. “Now it’s easier to donate blood and help save lives. You can help by signing up to be a blood donor on Facebook at Once you sign up, you’ll get notified on Facebook when there are blood camps or blood donation needs near you.”