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Success Story Aarohi Blood Bank

Aarohi Blood Bank Creates Impact with Facebook Blood Donation Tools

“Through Facebook Blood Donation tools we are bringing out the hero in everyone. Our vision is to bridge the gap between donors and patients by raising awareness, encouraging voluntary donation through our camps and by providing blood to those who cannot afford it, free of cost.”


ABB’s mission is to enable the availability of safe blood at an affordable price, and issue free and safe blood to those who cannot afford it, especially to children diagnosed with Thalassemia and for children with Leukemia admitted at government hospitals.

Success Story

Because ABB caters to Thalassemic patients, its dependency on voluntary blood donation is greater than most other blood banks. Facebook Blood Donation tools have become one of the primary modes of promoting voluntary blood donation. The ability to reach thousands of people is helping ABB move towards a goal of making blood donation 100% voluntary without any replacement donor, by building individual and institutional alliances.

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder characterized by less hemoglobin and fewer red blood cells in the body than normal. In India, around 80 to 90% of the 10,000 babies born each year with the disease die from it. ABB is a center of excellence in blood banks, committed to safe and high quality blood for Thalassemia and Leukemia children, free of cost , thereby enabling these children an opportunity for a normal and holistic life, while canvassing blood donation, as only voluntary, and, at all times, guided by principles of compassion, care and uncompromising adherence to integrity.


“Facebook Blood Donation tools helped bring more people to Aarohi Blood Bank. Reaching out to people who use social media, we are able to communicate our needs to the community better and tap into donors we were not able to reach out to otherwise.”


Total Donors


Total Donors


% New Donors from walk-ins


Bringing dignity to life

As a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people, India faces serious challenges in meeting blood requirements due to serious blood shortages. Statistics show that in India there are 234 million major surgeries, 63 million trauma related surgeries, 31 million cancer related procedures and 10 million pregnancy related complications which require safe blood transfusions.

ABB is seeing positive impact from Facebook Blood Donation tools


With Facebook Blood Donation tools, ABB was able to bring awareness to the genetic blood type disease Thalassemia as well as support children who have this dreadful disease with free blood for transfusion. On a daily basis ABB posts blood type specific requests to its Page.


Supporting Individuals

“The tool has led to efficiencies in our voluntary blood donor outreach. It is faster to reach out to donors through the tool. We are not dependent on other forums where the request may or may not go to relevant people who are nearby. People have their phones all the time and with Facebook Blood Donation tools it is a quicker turn around and it caters to a younger and more eligible donor population.”

Help Sign Up More Donors on Facebook

You can help by signing up to be a blood donor on Facebook at Once you sign up, you’ll get notified on Facebook when there are blood camps or people in need near you.