Success story AARP

AARP uses storytelling with carousel ads

AARP is a charity, non-partisan organisation that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families.

AARP used carousel ads for storytelling within the ads to provide users with choices about which content to engage with.


Reached Hispanic women through carousel ads to drive information about caregiving.

  1. Used the carousel ad format to tell a story. Created 10 episodes with 5 images each to tell the story of Ana, her family and her neighbour love, Andres. The episodes were published using the Facebook carousel ad unit.
  2. Reached 3.3 million Hispanic, female caregivers aged 35-60 in the United States on Facebook through the ads platform, which was 70 per cent of the target audience.
  3. The ad carousel units drove 317,224 clicks to and two other resources to help them in their caregiving journey.
  4. The CRC pages received a total of 162,669 Page views and 117,909 unique views during the fotonovela ad carousel campaign.
Campaign goals

Reaching Hispanic Family Caregivers

The campaign’s goal was to inform Hispanic family caregivers aged 35-60 about all of the resources available on the AARP website to help them provide better care for their older loved ones, and themselves.

  1. Carousel ads: Used images in carousel ads to tell a story using the fotonovela format.
  2. Page: Collected images of the story into an album that was posted on AARP En Espanol’s Facebook Page.
Campaign creative

There are 10 episodes, each with 5 frames, for a total of 50 still images that creates a fotonovela. The creative follows the traditional style (overly dramatic, exaggerated) and format (font, speech bubbles) of fotonovelas, in order to make the effort as culturally relevant to the target audience as possible. They were launched in carousel ads, but also collected into an album on AARP En Espanol’s Facebook Page, found here, so that followers could see all of the episodes in one place as they launched.

Campaign lessons
  1. Reach the population when and where it is relevant: The objective of this creative was to catch women at a time when their defences were down, when they were relaxing in front of the computer, often late at night, scrolling through their Facebook feeds. Ads were targeted accordingly.
  2. Go mobile: If your audiences mostly uses their mobile phones to browse content, use short content to tell a story within the ad.
  3. Culturally relevant storytelling: Create content that resonates with your target audience, in a tone and format that they are used to seeing. Weave subtle cultural nuances into the story that the audience will appreciate and will help keep them engaged.