Success story Barnekreftforeningen

Barnekreftforeningen raised NOK 305,582 to give hope to children fighting cancer

“Children’s Cancer Awareness month in September was a good tentpole moment for Barnekreftforeningen to rally support from our followers and supporters. We started with a NOK 50,000 goal and raised it twice as we saw it was going so well.” Anja Haug Tronrud, Communication & Marketing Advisor


Barnekreftforeningen (The Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society) is a charitable organisation that works to fight childhood cancer and support children, teens and families that are affected by the disease. Their mission is to give hope to children fighting cancer so that they never feel alone.

Success story

Barnekreftforeningen started a Facebook Page fundraiser around the tentpole moment of Children’s Cancer Awareness month in September. The organisation boosted the Page fundraiser post to expand its audience reach. Barnekreftforeningen tripled its annual income this year, and is seeing over 20 per cent of its annual income from Facebook. Facebook makes it possible to contact new donors who would normally not have been reached.

Solution statement

The campaign was made to raise awareness about the importance of research on childhood cancer in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.


“We managed to exceed our initial goal of NOK 50,000 and collected over NOK 300,000, exceeding the goal six times. The money was given in support of important research projects for International Childhood Cancer Day in February.” Anja Haug Tronrud, Communication & Marketing Advisor

NOK 305,582

Donations raised



NOK 220

Average gift size

Campaign goal

Raise awareness and funds for Barnekreftforeningen

This was the first campaign that Barnekreftforeningen made through Facebook as an organisation. It greatly exceeded their expectations by 500 per cent. The charitable organisation would have expected to invest more money, create more ads and/or partner to achieve the kind of exposure and return on investment it received from its Page fundraiser. The total cost of the campaign was NOK 1,000 and Barnekreftforeningen received over NOK 300,000 for an ROI of more than 300 per cent.

Campaign takeaway

Fundraising on Facebook has made a great impact on Barnekreftforeningen in the past three years. Over 20 per cent of Barnekreftforeningen’s annual income comes from Facebook fundraising tools. This year alone the organisation has already tripled its annual income.

“Research was the primary focus for all of our content during this time period. To engage donors, we created a dialogue, gave frequent updates and made motivational posts on how supporters made an impact by donating”.

Anja Haug Tronrud, Communication & Marketing Advisor

Campaign lessons
Make it tangible

Set a lower-than-expected goal at first, but quickly increase this as donations start to meet and exceed the lower amount. Make goals tangible and achievable. Gather momentum at the beginning of the fundraiser.

Engage with supporters

Build in a resource to engage with donors, to encourage them to share the fundraiser with their friends and family, thank them for their donations and get their opinions on what the next goal should be.


Save fundraising posts for specific periods of time around key events in your market, so you don’t risk diluting your audience or overwhelming them with constant donation asks