Success story Nothing But Nets

Stephen Curry raises USD 82,000 to fight malaria through Facebook's donate button

The United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets organisation is the world’s largest grassroots campaign working to save lives and end malaria for good.

Success story

The donations raised shattered the original goal, and demonstrated how an influential figure can make a real-world impact through Facebook.

Solution statement

Every two minutes, a child dies from malaria – a preventable disease with the right tools and treatment. On his 30th birthday, the Golden State Warriors guard and two-time NBA champion Stephen Curry became the first major athlete to utilise Facebook’s birthday fundraiser, which lets people raise money for charities within the platform.

“Facebook contacted us about how the functionality of the Facebook platform makes it seamless to raise money for charities. We saw it as a no-brainer to use the tool to continue the mission of raising money for Nothing But Nets with the end goal of eradicating malaria in Africa.”

– Jeron Smith CMO of SC30, Inc.


Curry drove sentiment with his many fans by creating a meaningful connection between him and the work he’s passionate about.


Raised for Nothing but Nets, vastly outperforming the original goal of USD 30,000




Shares of donation Page

Campaign goals

Raise money and awareness for the charity Nothing But Nets by tapping into a dedicated fanbase on both Facebook and Instagram. In order to drive awareness and raise money for the fight against malaria, Stephen Curry tapped into his dedicated fanbase of eight million Facebook followers and 20 million Instagram followers.


Multi-channel, multi-account
In order to drive awareness, Curry created Instagram stories, shared a post on his Facebook Page and discussed the fundraiser across his various social media accounts.

Provide helpful information

Create a post with information to support people affected by the crisis.


When Curry surpassed his goal, he increased it to USD 90,000 and changed the title of his fundraiser from “SC30th 30K for Nothing But Nets” to “90K for Nothing But Nets”.


Curry posted messages in the fundraiser to announce his goal increase, and encourage fans to continue to donate. He also liked many of the fan comments, creating a personal touchpoint with donators.

Campaign lessons

Develop a comprehensive campaign for your fundraiser – the more channels, platforms and accounts you can include in your strategy, the better. Think big Facebook birthday fundraiser If you find you’re reaching your goal much faster than anticipated, take it to the next level and raise that goal! Push it further Post updates, encourage more giving and like fan comments as much as possible to drive sentiment. Keep them engaged.