World Blood Donor Day

Blood Donations

World Blood Donor Day

Facebook’s blood donation features make it easy for people to sign up as a blood donor on Facebook and be notified when organisations such as blood banks and hospitals need donors. Your organisation can sign up to create posts and events that quickly notify donors nearby.

Making the blood donation process easier

Last October we launched new blood donation features on Facebook to make it easier for people to sign up as blood donors, and for organisations such as blood banks to reach donors for blood camps and in times of need.

People sign up to be blood donors.

Organisations create blood donation requests or camps.

Facebook notifies nearby donors about camps or requests.

Over eight million people have already signed up to be blood donors on Facebook.

*Source: Facebook, 15 May 2018, number of donors signed up for Facebook Blood Donations


To make it easier for blood banks and hospitals to maintain a stable blood supply, they now have the ability to create requests for blood on their Facebook Page, helping them reach nearby donors on Facebook.

Admins of approved Pages can create a special type of post that includes where blood is needed, a contact method for donors and optional information such as the required blood type. People located nearby who have signed up as blood donors may receive a notification about the request and can easily respond if they are available to help.

Your Page must be approved to request blood. If your Page has not yet been approved, please submit an
interest form.

How to create a blood donation request

1. Create post.

  • From Android app or mobile browser*.
  • Go to Facebook and search “blood donors”.
  • Tap Find Blood Donors.

2. Add details

  • Write why you need blood donors.
  • Under “Posting as”, select your Page.
  • Select hospital location.
  • Add contact information.
  • Add blood type needed.

3. Publish

  • Tap Post.
  • Your request will post to News Feed and nearby
    donors will be notified of your request

*Currently not available on desktop

Once you’ve created a Facebook Page and your organisation has been approved to request blood, you can create a blood donation event. Blood donation events give organisations the ability to create events that automatically notify nearby Facebook blood donors.

How to create a blood donation event:
  1. From a desktop, click the Events tab in the left-hand side bookmarks.
  2. Click Create an event.
  3. Add the event title, date, time and a short description.
  4. Set the location for your event.
  5. Upload an event cover photo (Ideally 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger with little or no text).
  6. Click Publish.
  7. Once you’ve created an event, Facebook will give you the option to turn it into a blood camp.
  8. Confirm the location of your event; use the map to indicate exactly where your event will take place.
  9. Based on your location, Facebook will notify matching blood donors in the area.

If you do not have one already, your organisation will need a Facebook Page to utilise Facebook’s blood donation feature. Creating a Page takes a few minutes.

How to create a Facebook Page:
  1. Go to
  2. Give your page a title (Organisation name).
  3. Select ‘Company and organisations’ as your Page type
  4. Select your Page subcategory.
  5. Add a profile photo (organisation’s logo)
  6. Add a cover photo that showcases your programmes (820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall).
  • Only official representatives can create a Page for an organisation, business, brand or public figure.
  • You can access your Page from the left-hand bookmarks on your personal Profile.
  • For further questions about creating a Facebook Page, please visit the Facebook Help Centre.